I have had my food and beer. The people around me are pompous and loud. I will take a bath and go to bed.

But it isn’t that easy is it.

I dream of flying above a forest. There is a knoll of corpses in a clearing. I descent upon them and start gulping down meat. There is a yell in the distance, and I sit up. I am not eating corpses, but we are under attack.

I stop to take with me a lantern, because I’m not the fighter I am the eyes.

There is goblinoids coming over the palisades. They behave strangely. After trying to figure out what is happening, I come across a goblin with a white flag. They tell me that there is a cauldron that control the goblins. Please stop that.

I jump the palisades and sneak through the night. And there, some distance from the gate there is a weird person with a cauldron. I run towards it try to ram it. Success, or sort of success. The cauldron tumbles over but I get stuck in the fire.

A squirl comes up to us, turns into Brego and attack the cook. What the heck happened?

But there is a time to dance, and there is a time to fight. This is fight. Stop them from getting to the pond. I don’t know why, but they yell for them to get there.

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