Ok. So we found a logo for a firm in the city. They wouldn’t let us in, and we could not break into the firm, so underneath the mountain we go.

It was easy. We found a corridor where we think the smugglers/thief have used.

Let’s go

Why is this big room all dark, and we can hear moaning like zombies? Why did we break the path and threw Molotov cocktails into the room where there is hundreds of zombies. Because we can.

Oh, did I forget to mention the strange symbol that suddenly appeared on the Hurdy Gurdy and then disappeared? Oh, never mind.

The zombies are chasing us. We run, and chose corridors on random, because that’s what heroes do. And wouldn’t you know it. There was a room with rotten floor. So all the zombies fell down into a bottomless pit.

What did you say, Fireman? Someone down there? Oh, never mind.

We walked on. Found a smuggler route and open a hole in the wall.

Then we found the way into the firm.

The Sir and the Lord Protector went charging in. Me and Fireman just walk into an elevator. Mett a nice bloke, gave him a coin and he stayed out of the combat.

Then we found the skeletons and destroyed them. With some help from Sir and Lord Protector.

A dude burned himself to ashes. Strange.

But after everything was sorted. Lord Protector and Sir took all the “evil” people to the judge.

Did all of you see that the dark evil chaos matter was smuggled into the city via Lord Protectors family firm?

So that’s a great day. Fireman, Boris the lift dude and me, grabbed a big vine barrel and walked into the sunset.

To fight another day

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